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IT Vision acquires Insight Informatics flagship product, CivicView

Perth, WA
IT Vision is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Insight Informatics flagship product, CivicView. This is a great step in the continued future of both IT Vision and CivicView, cementing two Australian businesses with solid Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) experience and solutions together. The CivicView core modules have been fully converted to the latest web based technology and IT Vision will now take over the development of this solution.

CEO of IT Vision, Nigel Lutton, said of the acquisition: ‘IT Vision is excited about the arrangement we have come to with Insight Informatics and the opportunity it presents to work closely with a new set of customers to offer a pathway to a rewarding digital future’.

About IT Vision
IT Vision has been developing Digital Enterprise Solutions for local government and similar industries for more than 30 years. Our fully integrated SynergySoft suite delivers a wide array of modules and features based around the everyday needs of council staff, and our latest addition, Altus, is a fully cloud based solution; all of which add significant efficiency and business value to your organisation. www.itvision.com.au

Director of CivicView, Sam Patane said ‘As a successful and reputable Australian company, IT Vision brings to the table the sales, marketing and consultative resources to be able to progress CivicView and also provide strength and advocacy through their existing client network to existing CivicView customers’.

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    CivicView is a fully-integrated enterprise management solution built for Australian local government.

  • Developed by an Australian software specialist

    In partnership with local government organisations, CivicView is a whole-enterprise solution that has supported councils and corporate customers for more than 10 years.

  • Proven ability to support long-term performance

    CivicView is a functionally-rich, well-supported, low-risk alternative for your organisation.

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What Is CivicView?

CivicView has been packaged to fit the functional needs and budget of any local government.

About CivicView

CivicView was originally the product of an association and partnership with Kempsey shire council (KSC), dating back to the mid-80s and in 2010 the decision to port to a more modern environment was made. Since then, they have been transitioning the product to Microsoft’s ASP.NET as a fully web based product, which was completed this year. CivicView is the only integrated ERP, which makes it the ideal fit with IT Vision.

  • Software

    CivicView functionality has the flexibility and scalability you require to respond to new initiatives, service needs and sustain growth.


  • Services

    Comprehensive range of services from a dedicated team of experienced industry and IT consultants.


  • Value/Benefits

    CivicView functionality is proven to support the long-term performance of organisations.


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