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CivicView Assets

CivicView Asset Management applications track and manage a range of assets and resources through the entire lifecycle; from purchase to disposal.

Workflows and automated escalations streamline planning and project management processes to maximise the efficiency of your maintenance organisation, planning and projects to upkeep of all assets – including parks, infrastructure, fleet, buildings and furniture.

Easily reserve, book, hire and allocate plant, equipment and human resources for a range of work orders and projects to maximise services and mitigate risk.

Available Modules

  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Buildings
  • Parks
  • Plant
  • Furniture and Fittings
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Financial Management
  • Event Bookings


  • Risk Management Register
  • Full integration between Fleet, Hazard Registers, Risk Assessment & Notification Modules
  • Automated escalation, workflows and documents upon a new Work Orders request
  • Integration with fuel systems, Smartfill and Lahey & Walker, Caltex and BP Fuel Cards
  • Link to internal and external mapping systems


  • Measure unscheduled maintenance, plant down-time, vehicle maintenance costs
  • Efficiently manage planned and reactive maintenance
  • Optimise project management to reduce risk
  • Establish ROI – track whole life and YTD income and expenditure for individual assets

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