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CivicView Human Resources & Payroll

CivicView’s Human Resource Management modules allow you to build a comprehensive employee management system that can grow with your workforce.

Use the Employ Self Service portal to provide rosters, training calendars, leave and pay history information online. Staff can also submit or approve leave, timesheets and share documentation electronically. A flexible and easy-to-use payroll automates tax calculations, pay runs, leave accrual and entitlement calculations to save time-consuming processing at each pay cycle.

Easily manage and enrich employee records, identify training needs and career progression opportunities to maximise human resource management and staff retention at your organisation.

Available Modules

  • Organisation
  • Learning
  • OHS
  • Benefits
  • Employee Self Services
  • Payroll
  • Employee Records
  • Grievances
  • Timesheets


  • Full integration between employee records, payroll, work orders and general ledger
  • Employee self-services portal
  • Electronic submission & approval of leave, timesheets, training requests
  • Flexible payroll functionality


  • Easily manage staff, volunteers and contractors across multiple branches and entities
  • Simplify Occupational Health and Safety compliance
  • Improve staff satisfaction and retention levels
  • Streamline pay, benefits, leave and financial management processing

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