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Customer Services

CivicView Customer Services provide front desk staff all the information and resources they require to deliver efficient, timely customer services.

Quick and easy access to all modules – including registers, property & rates and financials ensure staff are equipped to handle enquiries, payments, applications and more.

Online Services

Reduce time on enquiries handling and maximise customer services with CivicView Online Services Applications.

By providing a range of online services via CivicView, including the ability to process applications, search and access documentation and lodge payments, you can simultaneously improve services and reduce processing requirements at your organisation.

Register users to maximise security and provide customers and staff with selective access to real-time information and services regarding applications, documentation, payment and enquiry processes at any time of the day or night.

Available Modules

  • Applications Online
  • Impounding Portal
  • Planning
  • Certificates
  • Cemetery Register


  • Full integration with CivicView Property and Financials Applications
  • Secure Image and document linking and streaming
  • Integration with CivicView Messenger Services


  • Maximise your accessibility to customers
  • Improve services without additional staff
  • Reduce enquiries handling and administrative processes

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