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CivicView Contractors implements a set of business functions that maximise the management of your contractors to reduce risk and inefficiencies that could be affecting your business.

Maximise information available on insurance, licences and certificates to ensure contractors remain compliant.

A suite of performance management reports and tools enable you to maximise the productivity of your contractors. Track and review an individual’s performance history to identify the best contractor for a job and schedule your best available resources.

Easily identify contractors by location, scope of work, previous performance and skill to optimise planning and project management processes to maximise results. A set of financial management functions allow you to easily monitor expenditure and budgets.

Automate notifications by email, SMS or mail to your team or individuals to easily keep all staff up to date in line with particular milestones and satisfy all paperwork requirements.


  • Seamless integration with CivicView and other Enterprise Resource Management Systems
  • Web-based access
  • Advanced document management features
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Contract templates


  • Monitor Accident history, safety, MSDS, Quality of work
  • Optimise your Risk Management Policy
  • Improve resourcing to cut costs, and improve productivity
  • Easily track contractors insurances
  • Improve the productivity of your contractors

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